Aquasil Ultra+ Smart Wetting Impression Material

You deserve an impression material that performs well in every case, not just the ideal case. Now you have it.

Introducing Aquasil Ultra+ Smart Wetting Impression Material with state-of-the-art intraoral hydrophilicity and intraoral tear strength. For better-than-ever results, we've optimized Aquasil Ultra+ clinical performance across all areas, not just one. We measure success intraorally, where it matters most so with Aquasil Ultra+ impression material, you don't have to choose between wettability, tear strength, speed, and delivery.


74% of dentists want an impression material that is better suited for all the cases they see - not just the ideal ones.* To deliver on this clinical need, Aquasil Ultra+ impression material offers market-leading intraoral hydrophilicity and tear strength. Aquasil Ultra+ impression material helps clinicians capture the detail they need and reduce the chance of voids and tears at the margin, the most common impression errors labs see.* Its ability to capture and maintain detail coupled with precision delivery and optimal work/set times make Aquasil Ultra+ material the no compromise solution to your everyday impression needs.

Key Benefits

Intraoral Hydrophilicity

Hydrophilicity, or contact angle, is most important when the material is being dispensed intraorally and Aquasil Ultra+ impression material delivers industry-leading intraoral hydrophilicity. Our extremely low contact angle—while the impression material is uncured—helps ensure an accurate impression in the presence of natural hydration, so over-desiccation of the tooth prep isn’t necessary.

Intraoral Hydrophilicity

Aquasil Ultra+ material is formulated to avoid trapping fluid from the moment it’s syringed in the moist, humid oral field. Measuring performance on uncured impression material is a more accurate indication of clinical performance and Aquasil Ultra+ impression material helps clinicians capture the detail they need the first time.

Cured Film Hydrophilicity

The material continues to work well with moisture after it leaves your office, delivering accuracy at the lab to deliver properly fitting final restorations.

Intraoral Tear Strength

Tears and voids at the margin are the most common errors observed in impressions.* Aquasil Ultra+ impression material reduces the risk of tears when the impression is removed from the mouth as well as during pours at the lab. Our advanced formula accommodates a wider set of cases, including those using retraction paste where minimal retraction occurs.

Intraoral Tear Strength

Instead of bifunctional bonds, the patented technology of Aquasil Ultra+ material utilizes polyfunctional bonds for the highest intraoral tear strength on the market. High intraoral tear strength ensures margins remain intact and material is not left in the sulcus, even when that material is in thin cross-sections.

24 Hour Tear Strength

For more accurate models and final restorations, margins must remain intact at the lab as well. Aquasil Ultra+ material provides the highest 24 hour tear strength available.

Product Choice

Clinically Relevant Work/Set times & Viscosities

Aquasil Ultra+ impression material offers multiple work/set times and viscosities so you have the right material for every case and technique. Exceeding an impression material’s work time can lead to distortion, drags and pulls, so Aquasil Ultra+ impression material helps remove the guesswork with clearly labeled intraoral work times.

Regular Set provides sufficient work time for multi-unit and more complicated cases while Fast Set reduces mouth removal time for ideal single unit restorations.

Aquasil Ultra+ impression material is also available in a unique Rigid viscosity specifically designed to help prevent distortion when used with double-arch trays.

Precision Delivery

The power of a more clinically appropiate impression material can only be improved by that of a more clinically superior delivery system.  That's why Aquasil Ultra+ material is available in digit Power Dispenser, a revolutionary battery-powered dispenser that lets you focus on what matters most: a procedure done with precision. And now, the new digit Power Dispenser makes it easy to apply Aquasil Ultra+ material precisely, with minimal effort. It's an impressive step forward in ergonomic material delivery and procedural excellence.

To learn more about these and more reasons why digit Power Dispenser should be your go-to low viscosity impression material delivery system, click HERE

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Explore a Full Range or Products

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